The Mobile Opportunity

Why Go Mobile?

The total number of mobile users around the world has increased from 4.2 to 5 billion in less than a year. Soon (within 12 months), more people will access the web via their mobile device than on a PC.

Check out why we believe mobile is the most exciting and innovative way to market your brand:

Always on, Always Connected

Compared with computers, mobile phones are inexpensive and more accessible than ever before. It’s always on, always with you and always connected. By reaching people anywhere they are, you have a huge opportunity to sell, promote, engage, and be remembered.

Greater Consumer Engagement

The fact that mobile phones are always with you, is the key differentiator in the next big wave in mobile technology. Radios, televisions and computers didn’t have this ability and were limited to what they could do in core function, mobility and engagement. With GPS, digital camera’s and multi media built into every mobile device, the possibilities continue to expand on how we will access and interact with consumers.

Focused Branding

Traditionally, your website was the hub of your marketing plan, but we are seeing that shift to mobile applications. People on the web can be distracted away from your site and led to something irrelevant in seconds. In the mobile space, apps allow you to stay in control of the experience with a better user interface that is engaging and fun to use. Also, the ability to bring multiple creative properties like blogs, videos, pictures and events into one location with one consistent view is easier and more efficient, saving time and money for the owner and the user.

Permission-Based Communication

This is a big one for marketers. Usually when you first download or use an app on a mobile phone, it will ask for your email, current location or if you would like to receive push notifications. If the user grants permission, you can communicate with them via that channel, and if your abuse it, they can turn it off. It’s a true 2-way street and (when used correctly) can add an incredibly powerful method to customer/user engagement.

Sponsorship Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities to find a creative sponsor for your app. If you already have a sponsor, you can extend to them, an invitation to the mobile world. It’s friendlier than a banner ad and more relevant than a pre-roll video. Plus, you again have control over branding which keeps your message clear and simple.

A Way of Life

Whether you are eating, driving, walking, talking, waiting in line, on a plane, in a meeting or watching a concert, Mobile phones are with you everywhere. They often dictate where you go and what you do. They are making their debut in our lives at a younger age each year and there’s no doubt it has become a way of life, especially when you continually hear “I don’t know what I would do without my phone.”

Multiple Platforms

You have more choices and personalization options than ever before when choosing a device and even a carrier. Each has it’s own defaults, features, operating systems, user interface and design theme. It’s easier than ever to find a device that fits your personality and needs, leading you to use it more often and feel more comfortable communicating.

Sharing is Caring

The new wave of word of mouth is the ability to share any piece of mobile content to any network at anytime. Although we aren’t quite there yet, mobile sharing is an unrivaled feature built in to almost every app on the market today. Without it, the viral and personal nature of why we like something is lost. No matter where we are and what we are doing, sharing is important to us. Just ask the person at a concert recording their favorite artist, or snapping pictures of friends at an event, and commenting on or posting links on social networks.


More users are opening their wallets when on the go than ever before. For brands, fans tend to buy products on impulse decisions that most likely wouldn’t have taken place on a desktop computer. If you are a brand they like and trust, that makes life easier in the process, they will keep coming back for more.

Exclusive Deals

Offering exclusive content, special offers, fun contests or top user incentives through the app only, enhance the experience for the user and keep them coming back again and again. This can turn regular fans into super fans almost overnight. But be careful not to make the offers too competitive and complicated or most people will tune out. Keep it simple and you will be surprised by the results.

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